• CONN Connstellation 28A Cornet Early Models Tune Up Kit

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    CONN Connstellation 28A Cornet (Early Models) Tune Up Kit

    Help your horn play like new by changing out these parts in between professional cleanings/overhauls.

    This kit includes the no longer made cone shaped valve stem tube corks. These are shaped by myself and are longer than you need. You’ll cut them to length for your model. I recommend a NEW razor blade and some fine sandpaper.

    More valve stem tube corks on order as of 2-10-24. I should have them in and shaped next week.

    This kit includes
    3 valve springs
    3 cone shaped valve stem tube corks - you’ll cut to length to fit your horn
    3 finger button felts
    2 tapered water key corks
    2 water key springs
    4 valve slide bumpers
    2 stop rod bumpers

    Feel free to email any questions you may have.

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