• Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Wiring Harness

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    Eric Johnson Strat - Stratocaster Wiring Harness

    This wiring harness includes and was made with  the best components
    • GAVITT 22-GA Stranded vintage style, cloth push-back wire
    • Matched set of two CTS 250K vintage back split shaft pot's
    • One CTS 300K vintage back split shaft pot
    • CRL 5-way switch
    • Reproduction phone book style .1 capacitor - white with blue stripe
    • Switchcraft input jack
    Put together using Eric's "floating wire" method to help with noise.

    Mounted on a genuine Fender aluminum pickguard shield. Made for the 50's style 8 hole pickguard. If you don't have that style pickguard, you can easily remove and mount on your pickguard.

    EXTRA push back wire PLUS wiring diagram included

    PLEASE READ - This does not come off of a Fender guitar. These are made by myself to order.