• Fender 57 American Vintage Stratocaster Wiring Harness - 3-way Switch .1 Capacitor

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    FENDER ‘57 American vintage Stratocaster wiring harness

    This is made with a .1 ceramic disc capacitor, just like the originals. I also have this harness with a more modern .05 or .02 RMC capacitor listed if you prefer.

    Changing out your electronics is one of the best thing you can do to help improve your tone. 

    This harness is made with

    Matched set of three WDMusic CTS 250K split shaft pots

    WDMusic 3-way switch

    NOS RMC .1 ceramic disc capacitor

    Switchcraft output jack

    Gavitt vintage style cloth pushback wire

    Mounted on a board for protection during shipping

    Comes with wiring diagram and extra cloth wire

    PLEASE READ - this is not off of a Fender guitar. These are made to order.

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    Ships USPS first class in a 6x4x4 box