• FENDER PJ Bass - Precision Bass Wiring Harness

    FENDER P/J Bass - Precision Bass Wiring Harness

    The photos are with the jack mounted for the body. I can also make it with the jack mounted on the pickguard.

    Help improve the tone of your guitar by replacing that spaghetti mess with this drop in wiring harness.

    This wiring harness includes & is made with the best components, made by 1469MUSIC
    • GAVITT 22GA Stranded, vintage style push back wire
    • Three 250K CTS Solid Shaft Pots
    • Centralab .047 Oil capacitor
    • Switchcraft jack
    • Wiring diagram and extra black push back wire included
    This harness is made by 1469MUSIC & does not come off of a Fender bass.
    Thank you for looking and please feel free to email me any questions you may have.